the a.m.

This is hopefully my final week of this crappy schedule I am on at work.  It is very early in the morning and I haven’t slept in about 22 hours.   I am exhausted from last week to the point  where sleep doesn’t refresh me.  It’s hard to sleep well in the daytime.   I can’t wait to go to Mexico on Saturday and not have to do this for a few weeks.

I am going to be in Playa Del Carmen from Dec 15th to Dec 22nd.  I am trying to figure out if my insurance will cover a rental car while I am there.  If they do then I don’t see a reason not to get a car.  I drove in Puerto Rico last April and it was madness but also really fun.  I imagine that most of where I will be in Mexico will be similar.  Heather and I would prefer to be able to do things on our own schedule and since we have a GPS we’re not too worried about being lost.  Plus, there are a few things we want to do that require driving to remote places and taking boats etc that may be difficult if not impossible to get to via any other means.  Anyway, I will find out tomorrow about the car and at that point we’re going to make some loose plans and just go for it.  If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

I got my first batch of comments on here the other day.  It was a small and wonderful mix of people I love and a person I don’t know.  My mom posted an experience she had that was similar to my beaver experience.  I never knew about it.  I am sure there is a word or a phrase for what it felt like to read her comment but I don’t know what it is.  For now I am going with Scrumtrulescent.  My friend Sara also posted.  I love reading Sara’s writing on her blog and if you get a chance you really should go and read it.  She turns a beautiful phrase.  The last person to comment was the girl from INDIEchouette.  The principles of detection tell me that her name is Paige.  Perhaps I will find out for sure in the future.  Regardless of her name, she has impeccable taste in music.  Sara suggested that I check out her page and I fucking love it.  I used to get exposure to new music from bands that I recorded that were all much younger than me and much cooler than I’ve ever been.  Since I haven’t been recording bands recently, I think she will fill that need nicely.

I suppose I should work on something productive now that I’ve spent 30 minutes writing this.  I could have got my reverse engineering tool started that I need to have kind of working by the end of the week.  Right now though this is more fun.  I imagine I’ll post more this week.  Look for a very long post or at least a post with lots of pictures of my hot wife in Mexico after we get back too.

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  1. hope your enjoying your vacation so far. i already have some annoying stories to tell you but i will wait til you get back. HAVE FUN, MY FELLOW BRETHREN OF THE WORMSACK!!

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