So Does ReactiveMongo

Since I am handing out endorsements this week, I figured I’d throw one more onto the pile.  ReactiveMongo is an asynchronous MongoDb driver for the JVM.  It’s the only non-blocking MongoDB driver there is for the JVM I believe.  It’s such a good driver that it actually makes a stronger case for using Mongo than Mongo itself does.  If this driver existed for Postgresql instead of Mongo, I’d use Postgresql.  That’s how good this driver is.  I hardly care about the underlying db because the driver is so good.  It is the best driver for any db I have ever used on any platform.  Mongo basically uses json to interact with it.  That is about as simple as it gets.  As simple as that is though, the ReactiveMongo driver is actually easier.  I wasn’t totally sold on Mongo a few months ago.  I feel like Postgres is actually a really solid platform, and with its ability to handle json, it’s arguably better than Mongo, even as a document store.  ReactiveMongo is a game changer for me though.  I’m using Mongo on new projects just because the ReactiveMongo driver is so good.  That’s saying something.  Good work guys.

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