Excitable Boy

Anyone that knows me knows that I am not a particularly animated person. When I feel like I am making an exaggerated movement or making a fool of myself, I often later find out that I looked foolish because I was moving so little in comparison to everyone else. My life is in monotone; my humor depends on it and my social awkwardness is amplified by it. Today is a special day though. It may look like any other day because I lack the ability to emote effectively; however, I assure you that this day is different. Jason Legler got himself 4 pre-sale tickets to Radiohead in Seattle and more importantly, he was one of the first people to get them so he thinks that they’ll actually be good tickets. I am jumping out of my skin with excitement which from the outside likely looks like I might have some kind of subtle stomach issue.

Historically I always get hosed on this kind of stuff. I usually don’t hear about the tickets going on sale until they are already sold out. This time though, I watched the band site like a hawk and found out what day the tickets went on pre-sale. I then wrote a little tool in Python that checked the pre-sale ticket site every minute. If the program detected that anything had changed at the site it played metal as loud as my computer could be turned up. This allowed me to sleep and monitor the site at the same time. At around 6am today my computer began blasting metal and I was able to procure some tickets. I’m stoked as hell that I got tickets and completely dorking out on the fact that I wrote software to allow it to happen. That being said I have recently discovered that programs exist for doing this task already and are much cooler and MUCH more flexible than what I wrote. I don’t care though, it was cool as hell.

I’ve gotten to see Radiohead twice in my life and both times were outdoor venues. In both instances I was far enough back that the sound was washed out and I couldn’t see much. I really hope that my determination in getting good tickets pays off and the tickets I bought will let me get close enough for this to be a really good show. Anyway, that is it. I got Radiohead tickets. I’ll let everyone know where the seats are when they actually get assigned. Here is Thom rocking a little Bangers + Mash Phil Collins style.