Ch Ch Changes…

I’m working on a new project now, which has been gobbling up my time.  Consequently I have moved over to WordPress, so that I can focus my time more on the project and less on developing yet another blog platform.  If you haven’t checked it out, Ashley is doing some incredible work.  What was originally intended to be wedding calligraphy has become a whole bunch of different things.  She’s doing wedding calligraphy of course, but she’s also doing maps, family trees, Christmas cards… It’s pretty awesome.  Surprisingly, she’s had as many international customers as she has local customers.  It’s pretty awesome that a little shop in Denver can get clients from all over the world.  The site is running well, and there has been an unexpected extra benefit to moving over to WordPress.  Because it isn’t running on the JVM anymore, the memory requirements have suddenly become very modest.  That means I can move to a cheaper VPS solution.

I moved this site, and all of the others that run on my servers, to the cheapest digitalocean VPS service, and they are running really well on ubuntu/nginx/php/mysql.  $80/month vs. $5/month.  Not bad.  Technically, their response time is about 20ms slower than my linode server; however, that’s most likely due to the new servers being in NY instead of in TX.  The load times appear to be about the same.

I haven’t had to deal with their support, but it was really easy to get things up and running and it took me about 4 hours to configure the server from scratch and move 13 sites over to it. I know that isn’t fast, but I didn’t have any of it automated because I hadn’t really planned on moving it, so lay off me.  Overall, I am pretty stoked about digitalocean and their pricing.  I hope they’re making money and can keep up what they’re doing.  My VM will probably fall over if any of the sites get slammed, but for $5/month, I’m willing to take the risk.  I’ll upgrade if I need to (and it looks like it would be pretty easy to do).