I’m a sucker for formatting.  I follow the python PEP-8 religiously when I write python.  The Scala style guide isn’t as dogmatic though, which isn’t good for someone like me.  I like having some rules.  Anyway, I’ve been writing decent Scala code; however, I’ve not been confident in my formatting choices.  I’ve been getting more confidence through a Scala Coursera class I’ve been taking, but even with that, I just wasn’t positive I’ve been doing it correctly.  That has now changed.

I was just recently turned onto scalariform by a coworker.  It basically checks/fixes your formatting on compile.  It’s completely configurable, but so far I’ve just left it alone.  I set it up to check any code I compile with sbt.  Between sbt, scaliform, and intellij, I’m feeling a lot better about how my codes looks.