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Status as of 11:49am 3.9.2011

We wanted to update everyone on Glen’s condition this morning.  He
remains in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit at Wyoming
Medical Center.  In case you were unaware, he collapsed yesterday
afternoon at the Fair Grounds.  The emergency responders had to shock
him twice to get his heart to beat in an effective rhythm.  Last
evening, he did briefly spontaneously open his eyes.  They kept him
sedated throughout the night as he remained on the ventilator and
required support to maintain his blood pressure.

This morning, a heart specialist, kidney specialist and brain
specialist consulted with the intensive care physician.  The heart
specialist believes he likely suffered a severe cardiac arrhythmia,
which caused his collapse.  It does not appear that he had a heart
attack per se as there are minimal signs of heart muscle damage.  They
will be doing more tests today to determine how his heart is
functioning.  He remains on intravenous medication to help prevent
heart arrhythmias.  He does have pneumonia, they are unsure of the
cause though they are treating with antibiotics.  He remains on the
ventilator.  The kidney specialist feels that his kidneys were damaged
from lack of oxygen associated with his collapse – this is expected
and usually self-limiting although he may need short-term dialysis.
Our biggest concern is his current lack of response to any stimuli.
They turned off his sedation and the brain specialist performed a
neurological exam but  he did not respond to any stimulation.  This is
certainly worrisome and he will be tested daily, have an EEG tomorrow
and, perhaps, a MRI on Friday.  We know his brain was without oxygen
for a time, so this is not completely unexpected.  We just have to
wait to find out if his brain tissue will recover.  We will know more
on Friday or Saturday.

We are so very grateful for everyone’s prayers and concern.  We will
be posting condition updates on but it may be a couple
of hours before it is up and running where everyone can get to it so check for now until is working.  Please let everyone you think might be interested know where they can go to get updates.  Thank you all so much.

18 thoughts on “Dad Status”

  1. Love and prayers to you guys. I am hoping for some better news. Brad, I am so so so sorry that you are going through this. Love you guys, Brandi

  2. Glen has been a giant in the education community all of my life, and I have respected and looked up to him. I hope all is well!!

  3. Stacy, you and your family (especially your daddy) are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for the update website.

  4. Stacy and family,
    Trapper and I will keep you in our prayers and we’re just a car ride away if you need anything. xoxo

  5. Please know that Karen and I are praying and hoping for the best. If we can be of any help please let us know.

  6. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. If we can be of any help, let us know~May God Bless you all right now…

  7. I have requested a prayer chain via Face Book. Please tell Glen I am sending as much good karma as i can to him. Prayers to you all. Bev

  8. Ashley N Brad My prayers are with you all at this time. I spent time with my father going thru much the same. I am here if there is ANYTHING I can do please let me know. Dont forget to take care of each other too! God Bless N keep you all.

  9. Stacy you are the evidence of such great parenting and a fantastic family. Your father is an example to all of us.

    May God’s peace reach all of you during this difficult time.

    You are loved and cared for more than you know.


  10. Just a quick note to let everyone know that Glen and family are in our prayers. Good luck and hope everything goes well the next few days.

  11. Glen left an impression on our hearts and our community. If you don’t believe me, just Goggle GLEN LEGLER and see the pages of info on him. Paul and I enjoyed the meals/laughter we shared with Glen at the 2011 1A/2A Basketball tournaments at the Events Center. We were not ready to let him go. Dang it Glen, you promised Paul you two would go fishing in a couple weeks. I hope you are fishing with Heaven. We’ll miss YOU! Thinking of Glen’s family at this time!

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