Tulum‘s ruins are pretty cool.  There are lots of people there but not a lot of sales people.  You can’t climb on any of the ruins which is understandable.  They have wonderful beaches both at the ruins and also near the actual city of Tulum.  Heather and I went to the actual city of Tulum before we went to the ruins.  We went to a hostel there where the people were very helpful and also stayed in some cabanas on the beach.  It was my favorite part of the vacation.  There was no electricity; there were no sales people; there was no driving once we were there; and when there was music other than the ocean crashing into the beach outside our cabana, it was downtempo stuff that was perfect at the time.  Tulum is the shit.  Despite having some of the most intense poverty I have witnessed, the people’s spirits are as bright as their smiles.  I am sure it has its problems, but the optimist in me loved this place.

2 thoughts on “Tulum”

  1. Tulum sounds amazing! I love the H+J pic,and the shots of Heather in front of the ocean. As always, Jason, your acerbic wit makes me laugh out loud.

  2. gotta say i’m a little pissed that we were likely less than 20 miles from each other for a day. then again, you were probably up in cancun ready to fly out. so continues our relationship of two ships passing in the night.

    lauren and i didn’t make it to Tulum, but now i wish we had. the ruins make me feel like an infinite speck. it’s wonderful.

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